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Summary of Erasmus Project


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Partners: Czech Republic, England, Norway, Scotland

Description of the Project:
This is a partnership of four cultures; exploring ways of using nature as a powerful tool for learning.


- The project will  explore the similarities and different ways we are conducting educational practice in our home countries using nature.
- We want to create an inspirational base that will share good ideas in how to establish, and develop high levels of good practice in  nature kindergartens.
- Create a contact point for good practice using video evidence and documentation to inspire others to see the values and benefits of learning in and with nature.

-To inspire our coming generations to have a curiosity and dive deep into the learning process about everything that is surrounding them.
- To promote the  health benefits of being in nature
-  To create strong and self confident children who are resilient and can cope with upcoming challenges in life, creating individuals who can go on to succeed in the working world.
- The first 6 years of a child’s life and development are crucial
- To try to influence the political agenda of our countries and their understanding of the positive impact nature based learning can have.
- To share experiences and good practice internationally


Results expected: 
- A comparing analysis between the 4 attending nature kindergartens’ ways of conducting their daily practices
- A comparing analysis on the background philosophy in the 4 attending nature kindergartens
- A description of which part of the methods that could be used across the regulations in every country
- Creation of an open website via the International Association of Nature Pedagogue site.
- Participants being used as educators and speakers in different settings outside their own practice.
- A video showing different good examples of best practice.






Project funded by EU








Erasmus Project

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