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Final Outputs from our Erasmus Project


ErasmusPartners: Czech Republic, England, Norway, Scotland

Description of the Project:
This is a partnership bringing four cultures together to explore the ways we use nature as a powerful tool for learning.

-To inspire our coming generations to have a curiosity and use their environment, and interaction with it, to the fullest potential to learn and  thrive
- To promote the  health benefits of being in nature
-  To create strong and self confident children who are resilient and can cope with upcoming challenges in life, creating individuals who can go on to succeed in the working world.
- The first 6 years of a child’s life and development are crucial, if we get this stage correct it sets children up to succeed. 
- To try to influence the political agenda of our countries and their understanding of the positive impact nature based learning can have.
- To share experiences and good practice and create a network of sharing
- To explore the similarities and different ways we  conduct educational practice in our home countries using nature.


How have we achieved this?

This web page links to documents and video footage of the following:


  • The results of a survey to identify the similarities and differences between the 4 partner countries linked to policy, practice, daily delivery and culture. PDF *1

<embedded YouTube video> to demonstrate that children interact with nature in similar ways all over the world - a case study of Tree Climbing

<Embedded YouTube video> similarities bw countries

  • A description of each participating Early Years Setting PDF * 2
  • Case studies from each partner country showing video footage of good practice and explanatory notes linked to the qualities of a Nature Pedagogue
  • Interviews with staff from each partner country exploring the qualities that make a good Nature Pedagogue, including a reflective question to explore with your staff 


Seven qualities of the nature pedagogue

Following a meeting to define 7 qualities of a nature pedagogue between the Erasmus + group, we shared these terms with colleagues at a conference to get their feedback and their opinions about the qualities they see that define an excellent practitioner. <PDF download> 

As a group we have expanded our definition of these terms (PDF>>>) to support you in your understanding of these qualities: 

<Green Boxes STARThere>

1. Reflective

Scotland: The footage shows children reflecting with staff upon previous experiences that are documented in their Family Books (individual Learning Journal). They recall experiences and plan for the future using this methodology at Auchlone Nature Kindergarten

<Embedded YouTube video>  <ExplanationNotes PDF download>


2. Open not dominant

England: The footage demonstrates how the practitioner can support children on their climbing journey at Boldon Nursery School-Outdoor Nursery.  

<ExplanationNotes PDF download><Embedded YouTube video>


3. Happy and secure outside

Norway: This footage demonstrates how children are enjoying the playful activities of cross-country skiing at Hval Gård barnehage.

 Brief Explanation from Explanation Notes + <Embedded YouTube video>


4. Skills and knowledge

England: The footage demonstrates how the practitioner supports a child to light the fire and make charcoal in Boldon Nursery School-outdoor nursery.

 <Embedded YouTube video> + <ExplanationNotes PDF download>


5. Respectful

Czech Rep: This demonstrates a child's resilience and determination to achieve a goal with appropriate support at Jurta Forest Kindergarten

 <Embedded YouTube video> + <ExplanationNotes PDF download>


6. Synergy with Nature

Czech Rep: This footage demonstrates the use of nature as a food source and the importance of showing children how knowledge and understanding helps us forage for useful materials to be self sustaining at Jurta Forest Kindergarten

Brief Explanation from Explanation Notes + <Embedded YouTube video> + <ExplanationNotes PDF download>


Norway: The footage above demonstrate a nature pedagogue and children going fishing at Hval Gård kindergarten.

Brief Explanation from Explanation Notes + <Embedded YouTube video> + <ExplanationNotes PDF download>


7. Collaboration


The footage above shows staff and children working collaboratively together to Benefit Risk Assess the experience of visiting a burn (stream) to have a boat race at Auchlone Nature Kindergarten 

Brief Explanation from Explanation Notes + <Embedded YouTube video> + <ExplanationNotes PDF download>

<Green Boxes END here>


As a group we reflected upon our Passion for Nature and the Rights of Children.


 <Embedded YouTube video>  passion for nature, rights of child







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